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Take a Zero Balancing Class


zero balancing 1

ZB 1 is the starting point for an adventure in healing, service, and personal and professional growth.  Learn the basics of the Core ZB protocol, specific and unique touch skills, and leading-edge body-mind theory. You will be able to begin offering ZB sessions to friend, family, and clients after this class

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ADvanced Zero balancing:  DR. Doucette's classes

Dr. Doucette offers many opportunities to advance your ZB studies, from several advanced classes, to Advancing Skills Days, to private tutorial and touch-feedback sessions.  

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zero balancing 2 : Expanding the Core Protocol

ZB 2 is the second course in the Zero Balancing curriculum.  Material from ZB 1 is fully reviewed, technique is refined, body positioning is honed, and new fulcrums are added.  Students have the 'Ah-ha' insights that lead toward embodiment of the work.  

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Be Free.

Regular chiropractic exams and adjustments lead to a healthier, more flexible life. Relax and find comfort in Michele's natural and calming treatment space.


Staying at Eden

We are happy to share our favorite place with guests from all over - either for ZB classes, or a weekend getaway! relaxed Air BnB style accommodations and unique loft apartment options. 


Sharing our stories help us all heal...


Waking to Eden is the true story of healing illness and loss through natural health care, creativity, and faith.

Waking to Eden is certainly a book that would benefit anyone with illusive type illness – it is creative, persistent, optimistic and successful. I was moved by the depth of your sharing of your personal life and experiences. It made it all so real. I was appreciative and humbled by your many references to Zero Balancing and how it and the principles have interwoven with your life.
— Frederick "Fritz" Smith M.D.
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