"Waking to Eden"

A memoir written by Michele Morgan Doucette

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Waking to Eden is a true story...

about a woman who, after a traumatic event, and facing a diagnosis of autoimmune disease, sets herself on a path to health by re-programming the energetic disease in her own DNA. An intimate view into the raw secret of miscarriage creates a portal through which a timely and unique perspective of autoimmune disease is discovered, and a world of light and benevolence reveals itself. Waking to Eden explores the possibility of changing our DNA by changing our beliefs and offers a truly integral view of natural health care, energy medicine, and natural living. While it is a simple and accessible story of an ordinary life, it is told from extraordinary perspective in which cats speak from the afterlife, unborn children offer guidance, houses are alive, DNA is malleable, and human hands heal. Bubbling beneath the surface are all the implications of a quantum universe based on noetic science: parallel lifetimes, altered states of consciousness, synchronicity, field theory, energy medicine, vibrational chemistry, epigenetics, and holographic healing.

Your book came from Amazon and I grabbed it up and hardly set it down for 3 days. In fact, I devoured it, as it similarly devoured me. What an exquisite production. I was so impressed with how you followed your own process with courage and intelligence, all the way to the core of your being, to reveal your own holy soul.  The book touched me in every part—body, mind, heart and soul. It fed all of them. Grace and Eden. Often I felt like I was right there with you in Vermont, savoring the landscape with your family, your Home. There are passages in here that are pure poetry; the Tarot reading part is remarkable,  as well as your detailed exposition of the DNA investigation. I loved how you handled that progression.
This book is a testimony and testament for everyone but especially women who have too long been under a patriarchal thumb. You have helped to liberate us into our own fertile intelligence by the way you foraged for the truth within your own tissues. I loved the wedding of science and soul, the penetrating clarity of your science mind, wedded to heart intelligence and guided by your own Divinity. Thank you for creating this beautiful book.
— Aminah Raheem, Developer of soul lightening process acupressure