Advanced Zero Balancing Classes



Freely Moveable Joints - 4 Days, 25CEUs

Freely Moveable Joints Advancing Skills Day classes enhance the process of learning the concepts, skills and fulcrums taught in Freely Moveable Joints and develop relationships among ZB practitioners. Student questions shape the lessons, and the format includes presentations, demonstrations, touch feedback and session swaps. All of the students have taken Freely Moveable Joints.

  • Zero Balancing principles as they apply to the freely moveable joints of the body.
  • Refined understanding of the different ways to evaluate and balance bones and joints.
  • Anatomy, evaluation and balancing options for bones of joints of the shoulder girdle and arms.
  • Anatomy, evaluation and balancing options for bones and joints of the pelvic girdle and legs.
  • Anatomy, evaluation and balancing options for the sternum, ribs and rib cage as a whole.
  • Working with the hip joint and accessing the sacroiliac joint via the hip fulcrum.
  • Temporomandibular joint anatomy, evaluation and balancing.
  • Direct bone fulcrums and ‘bone bending’.

Alchemy of Touch - 4 Days, 25CEUs

Alchemy of Touch expands basic Zero Balancing principles to work with amplified fields of vibration within the body and shows you how to create fulcrums that work with these amplified and therefore empowered fields. It provides clients with a direct experience of the healing state. In addition to presenting new material, Alchemy of Touch enables you to deepen foundation Zero Balancing skills through demonstrations and exchanges of Zero Balancing. Alchemy of Touch is the second of three courses related to energy fields: Core Zero Balancing addresses the existing relationships between body energy fields and body structure; Alchemy of Touch introduces strategies to amplify the vibratory fields and to work with empowered fields; Geometry of Healing introduces working with the vibratory fields themselves, including the exploration of the space between vibrations and the information found therein.


In my opinion, Alchemy of Touch and Geometry of Healing are essential classes for every Zero Balancer

-Dr. Michele Doucette

  • How to contain and establish boundaries of energy
  • In-depth exploration of framing (a session) while working with a client's personal history
  • To monitor shifts of consciousness and expanded states
  • To recognize working signs of amplified fields in your clients
  • Alchemical principles and their modern-day applications
  • The theory, purpose and therapeutic use of energy amplification
  • How to use bone as an energy conduit
  • How to amplify vibration, both locally and generally in the body

Geometry of Healing - 4 Days, 25CEUs

Geometry of Healing (GOH) is an advanced level Zero Balancing course that teaches students how to examine in depth the physiological signs that indicate improvement in how the body holds tension.  The principles of this course are based on a biophysics model, which applies the approaches and methods of physics to study the body.  Using manual techniques called fulcrums, students deepen their ability to evaluate and balance the key joints of the skeletal system through bilateral palpation. Students will learn the methodology of layering fulcrums.  An in depth understanding of the body and precise palpation skills are addressed.  Material covers information from the fields of quantum physics and holographic theory and how they relate to the world of touch.  Designed to take the student into a fuller investigation of how the body holds tension within the tissues, this class provides advanced evaluation and assessment techniques, which can address areas that have not responded completely to other methods.

  • Theoretical overview of how the field of biophysics can be used to study biological systems and its application to the touch principles of Zero Balancing 
  • Feedback signals useful for the practitioner to pace the session 
  • Teachings designed to deepen basic Zero Balancing skills and protocol use
  • How to layer multiple fulcrums 
  • Through exchanges of Zero Balancing sessions and demonstrations

Spirit of the 5 Elements - 2 Days, 12.5CEUs

Zero Balancing and the Spirit of the 5 Elements is a two-day advanced Zero Balancing program that guides the Zero Balancer into what in Chinese medicine can be seen as "the neighborhoods of spirit." The Zero Balancer learns more about the Five Element anatomy underlying the skeletal anatomy commonly addressed in the core protocol ( for example, how the spirit points on the bladder meridian are affected by Zero Balancing the thoracic and lumbar spine). It is widely acknowledged that bodywork can touch a person on all levels; physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.  In Chinese Medicine the spirit is seen as the unique true self, the self below conditioning, the part of human nature that is inspired by beauty, art, poetry, music, and profound connections to greater whole.  Through the Zero Balancing protocol, and with this expanded knowledge base in 5 Element Theory the Zero Balancer learns to recognize when a client may be having a body-felt experience of a spiritual nature.  Such recognition allows the practitioner to stay optimally connected to the client by modifying the rhythm, pace, and depth of touch, and by holding a safe, non-judgmental space for integration and healing.  This amplified attention through touch may result in deeper opportunities for clients to access expanded states of balance, health, and wellbeing. New fulcrums are learned and core fulcrums take on new significance as the true wisdom of the Zero Balancing protocol is further revealed.   

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This class hits to the core of how the expansive universe of ZB can be contained in such simplicity. 
To take Touching the Spirit is to dive head first into the vessel of ZB, and Michele’s perspective and curiosity of this subject should not be missed. In one weekend of discovery in the context of ZB, I start to grasp and trust, in a much deeper and visceral way, why the ZB protocol is so powerful. —Michelle Leichti, CZB, Violin Teacher

  • Linquistic, cultural, scientific, philosophical, and metaphorical theories of health and healing and how they may influence a Zero Balancing session
  • Five Element theory of the Spirit of the Elements, and how it can expand the possibilities in your ZB sessions
  • To work with greater attention on the structure and tension of bone by understanding the internal anatomy and physiology of bone and the superconductive nature of collagenous bone tissue
  • New fulcrums for the dorsal hinge, pelvis, feet, ribcage, chest, shoulder, neck and head
  • To focus attention while allowing therapeutic placement of fulcrums to arise from the authentic need of the client
  • To clarify intention of touch in individual fulcrums and whole sessions

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