Response to Zero Balancing and the Spirit of the 5 Elements

I just finished teaching the Advanced Zero Balancing class, ZB and the Spirit of the 5 Elements in Lyons, NY.  We had a class of 12 advanced students at the home of Colleen Baker, CZB.  I am still glowing from the love, gratitude, camaraderie, and OMG---the FOOD we shared! Rich's fresh baked scones and cookies, Potato Leek Soup with wild ramps, Veggie omelets, and Wild Ramp pesto. Colleen's crock pot magic:  Ginger Carrot soup, Chili, and Beet Borscht.  Maida's Vegan roasted veggie sandwiches with Red Pepper spread.  Mary's GF muffins.  Johanna's homemade Ginger Tumeric Jun.  Kate's homemade Feta. Bowls of fruit.  Bowls of salads!  Many thanks to everyone for the learning, the laughs, the kitchen magic, especially to Colleen and Rich for being superb sponsors and hosts.   

In Chinese Medicine the spirit is seen as the unique true self, the self below conditioning, the part of human nature that is inspired by beauty, art, poetry, music, and profound connections to greater whole.  Through the Zero Balancing protocol, and with this expanded knowledge base in 5 Element Theory the Zero Balancer learns to recognize when a client may be having a body-felt experience of a spiritual nature.  Such recognition allows the practitioner to stay optimally connected to the client by modifying the rhythm, pace, and depth of touch, and by holding a safe, non-judgmental space for integration and healing.  This amplified attention through touch may result in deeper opportunities for clients to access expanded states of balance, health, and wellbeing.

Please join me for the next ZB and the Spirit of the 5 Elements, Nov. 10-11, 2018 in Wellesley, MA

Here is what some students from this class and previous classes have to say about The Spirit of the 5 Elements:

Each fulcrum we practiced clearly touched both practitioner and person on the table deeply.  All ZB classes have their own “vibe.”  In this one, the sense of presence of spirit was palpable throughout.                                                                                                                                                                 -- Chris Allen, LMT, CZB


Michele is brilliant in her synthesis and conveyance of 5 element theory into the ZB protocol , making the integration of this work practical, expansive and more whole for the recipient.  This class goes above and beyond stated objectives.  I will be taking this experience into my field and to the table for some time now…to integrate and deepen my self- practice 

  --Paula Mara Lyons, MT CZB


This class helped me connect to myself and find the purpose I had lost.  Going deeper and connecting with the spirit really resonates with me.  Finding my spirit with the help of Michele and other ZBers was supportive and comforting.  This class was great!                                                       -- Barbara Kelly-Kinney, PT


This class hits to the core of how the expansive universe of ZB can be contained in such simplicity.

To take Touching the Spirit is to dive head first into the vessel of ZB, and Michele’s perspective and curiosity of this subject should not be missed.  In one weekend of discovery in the context of ZB, I start to grasp and trust, in a much deeper and visceral way, why the ZB protocol is so powerful.  It allows our deeper creativity, experience, and knowledge to expand and flower into expanded states without ever losing track of the safely and anchoring of ZB itself.                             --Michelle Leichti, CZB, Violin Teacher



I really enjoyed this class!  The explanations of spirit and the fulcrums taught helped me connect into my own spirit which helped me become more open to the clients’ spirit.  Learning about the collagen matrix and how it allows communication to travel throughout the body was very thought provoking to me and I feel I will be able to utilize this as a tool in my ZBs.                                                           -- Colleen Baker, CZB


Michele teaches in a way that my body can hear.   -  Megan Shewe, OT


After taking ZB and the Spirit of the 5 Elements, I am deeply appreciative of how much more profound our ZB fulcrums can be when consciously embraced by spirit and holding that intention.  Michele is a beautiful role model of one who touches the spirit as a practitioner, teacher and as she connects and relates with others.  It is wonderful to experience one who so beautifully ‘” walks her talk” in such a profound way.                                                                                                              -- Veronica Quarry, PT CZB


ZB and the Spirit of the 5 Elements opened up more doors to deeper work on my self and others.  I am open to more of what my hands are telling me as I engage the body, the bones.

 -- Maida Bachman, OT CZB


This course is very powerful.  Michele’s teaching is such that I can relate and understand, and it brings me back to the center of my own spirit, so I can better understand who I am working with.  

--Diane Bazin, CZB



I was not expecting to learn so many new things.  I thought the class would just deepen my previous knowledge.  Nice surprise!  When I first took a class with Michele, a dozen years ago, I thought her to be an intelligent, professional, and highly knowledgeable teacher of ZB.  Now, I see her as a wise woman; all that she was, and now so much more.  She just KNEW what we needed as a class.          

 –Mary D’Amico PT



Michele Doucette