Touch Heals Trauma: Lets have the conversation

Touch Heals Trauma: Let me tell you about it. Conscious, skilled touch is being recognized as a powerful, essential, and necessary tool for healing physical, mental, and emotional dysregulation in many diverse fields like psychology, childhood development, education, nursing, medicine, bodywork, energy healing, chiropractic, and physical and occupational therapy.  I highly recommend the book Zero Balancing: Touching the Energy of Bone by John Hamwee and the work of Bessel van der Kolk,  author of The Body Keeps the Score as resources that describe how the physical body holds our experiences and filters our responses, and how touch helps reprogram the nervous system to heal and regulate.

 I am happy to talk with you about continuing the conversation about how we heal ourselves and others.  Here are some examples of how I can be of service:

 If you would like to schedule an introductory talk, from one hour to one day (6 CEUs), for a group of colleagues about the power of conscious touch in bodywork, psychotherapy, nursing, education, etc, please let me know and we can brainstorm what fits your needs and desires.

I am happy to present at your professional conferences on the subject of Zero Balancing, conscious touch, embodied trauma, etc.   I have presented at many conferences and my teaching style is fun, expansive, clear, useful, and inspiring (or so they tell me!).

 I am also available to coordinate exhibitor/vendor space in which we give short sample Zero Balancing sessions to attendees at conferences, community meetings, etc.

I welcome you to study Zero Balancing and see how it fits into your professional world.  ZB is studied by a wide range of healthcare professionals and even some non-professionals who want to learn about the power of touch for themselves, friends, and family.

Continuing education credits are available for MT, PT, OT, DC (VT), RN, LAc, etc.  Psychotherapists and Yoga instructors also appreciate the teachings as being congruent and complimentary to their work.  Expand your practice, expand your life!

I teach Zero Balancing 1 every June at my home office in Wilmington VT, but I do have a few people who would like to take it before then, so if you think you might like to learn more soon, let me know and we might put something together before then.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Michele Doucette